M Y S [Mohammad Yaqub & Sons] was founded in 1978 by Mr. Maqsood Alam Ansari after his father Late Mr. Mohammad Yaqub Ansari. A decade later Mr. Shamim Ahmad Ansari joined his brother in the family business.

In the summer of 2006 ZOHA was founded by Mr. Tauseef Ahsan Ansari after Late Zohara Ansari, wife of Late Mr. Mohammad Yaqub Ansari and mother of Mr. Maqsood and Mr. Shamim. In 2009 Tauseef was joined by his younger brother Atif and in 2012 by Tabish, all three of them the grandsons of Late Zohara Ansari.

From beginning to end, Mohammad Yaqub and Zohara Ansari, passionate and dedicated, were entwined together in a belief that transcends lifetimes. They were born into the heart of the Indian Carpet Industry in Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh, and despite exporting their dreams and creations worldwide; they never left the place they were born in, and never left behind the values that made M Y S Family what it is.

For the memory of those two souls eternally in love, we are proud to name India's finest carpet brand ZOHA in the honor of the visionaries who have and always will inspire us to dream, to dare, to believe and to love.