ZOHA Green

ZOHA aims at sustaining LIFE on this planet by doing without hazardous solvents and colors in the production process.

ZOHA is as green as you want it to be - from its green carpets and rugs independently tested by SGS and Woolmark to its manufacturing monitored and audited by Rugmark.

Rugmark and Care & Fair

ZOHA is member of the RUGMARK foundation india - a foundation which ensures that each rug bearing its label woven at ZOHA is without the use of child labour on safe looms and in appropriate working conditions. We contribute 0.25% towards aiding impoverished weaving communities while our partner stores contribute 1% of the purchase price of all RUGMARK carpets which goes directly to UNICEF to build schools and healthcare facilities for impoverished weaver families.

85% of all the rugs manufactured by ZOHA bear the RUGMARK label. RUGMARK conducts spot checks on our looms and factories to check that we are not in contravention of the 1956 United Nations Convention on the Abolition of Slavery and exploitation of the child labour and any such applicable regulation. Find out more at www.rugmarkindia.org

The other 15% rugs manufactured at ZOHA bear the Care & Fair label that does similar work.
Find out more at www.care-fair.org

Home Working

ZOHA is proud to support the Indian Hand Made Cottage Carpet Industry (the declining art of rug making) by promoting Homeworking in all its processes and empowering lives and quality of life across India.

Homeworking is an important aspect of the cottage carpet industry in India making a significant contribution to household incomes among predominantly poor families. In developing countries as many as 300 million people are employed by supporting Homeworking. For details on advantages to such homeworkers and support the cause, please visit: the Ethical Trading Initiative Homeworker Guidelines on www.ethicaltrade.org